Mikrotik antenna configuration

In searching the forums and I found one similar post viewtopic. I understand 'tx-power-mode' set to anything other than default runs the risk of damage with improper settings, but I've also been advised by a 3rd party consultant that improper 'antenna-gain' can also damage the wireless card over time if set to 0, which I've questioned, but haven't found a clear explanation enough to believe it.

I also hope answers may help resolve confusion for others seeking understand this as well in the community. Zacharias Forum Guru. Re: Correct antenna-gain setting on Mikrotik Hardware Mon Oct 21, pm In the wireless tab change the country to your country.

Then select regulatory domain in order to be limited to the frequency channels available for your country and also for the max Tx power you are allowed to use Finally, insert the antenna's gain according to the specifications so that the max transmit power, eirp, can be calculated Per the example config, I'm aware how to set Country and Frequency Mode, but my question really has more to do about concerns with leaving the antenna-gain set to 0.

Is there anywhere in Mikrotik documentation that actually describes that the antenna-gain should match the DBi of the specs sheet? And units are dBi which is custommary unit for antenna gain I haven't seen it written anywhere in MT documents, but this is common radio knowledge.

If you don't play with Tx power table, then leaving antenna gain set to 0 won't hurt hardware, ROS will automatically back-off Tx power for modes which require different Tx profile. Leaving antenna gain set to 0 will only make your station illegal due to excessive EIRP. AlainCasault Trainer. Setting antenna gain at a non 0 value will tell the router to subtract that gain to stay with country regulation. Sent from my cell phone.

mikrotik antenna configuration

Sorry for the errors. If I helped you, let me know! Re: Correct antenna-gain setting on Mikrotik Hardware Tue Oct 22, pm The responses and clarification are much appreciated. This discussion has definitely helped me understand much more about the antenna-gain setting and what it does, but it seems like you'd need to manually calculate EIRP in order to figure out if you're over the legal limit depending on the wireless card unless it's assumed all wireless cards output would meet the dBm limit with the tx-power-mode set to default.

Also, it's interesting to note that Mikrotik would not code the setting in the RouterOS firmware for device models that have internal or non-replaceable antennas so people with less understanding may avoid illegal dBm using the quickset feature with regards to having the appropriate antenna-gain set.

Now I'm curious about finding resources to understand more about calculating EIRP, but I think that is beyond the scope of the the current forum topic. Thank you all for your knowledge and time! For example cAP ac, it has 26dBm for both 2. Re: Correct antenna-gain setting on Mikrotik Hardware Tue Oct 22, pm To sum up: The device itself for sure "knows" the gain of its integrated antennas. You can check it yourself: Code: Select all. Re: Correct antenna-gain setting on Mikrotik Hardware Tue Oct 22, pm xvo in the forum topic you posted someone said that gain exists as a value in the device and you can see it if in terminal type: interface wireless info hw-info wlan1 I tested it, in the result you can see that the antenna's gain exist even if you haven't configured it So, if the device knows its antenna's gain, then why should i provide it as well?

Since it knows that its antenna gain is lets say 2 dbi, then why i can change it to 0,1,2,3,4, As ROS will reduce Tx power to maintain max EIRP within country regulations, setting high antenna gain where in reality it is low means reduced signal level Re: Correct antenna-gain setting on Mikrotik Hardware Tue Oct 22, pm So, if the device knows its antenna's gain, then why should i provide it as well?

Re: Correct antenna-gain setting on Mikrotik Hardware Tue Oct 22, pm mkx am sure you can set lower antenna Gain, lest say 1dbi. So what happens when i set it to 1 dbi and i use regulatory domain while my actual antenna gain is 2 dbi? Does ROS ignore the 1 dbi since it knows its antenna is 2dbi? So it seems to me that ROS wants me to stay legal I'm not sure if minimum antena gain feature was retrofitted to older models or is it only available for recent ones Tried again in a and same for me, " minimal antenna gain for this country is 3 6 " mkx can i contact you for a post here i need some help?

Re: Correct antenna-gain setting on Mikrotik Hardware Wed Oct 23, pm One thing remains now, does a product that is indicated in the datasheet with lets say 28 dbm Tx power include the Antenna's Gain which is for example 12 dbi or not?

TX-power indicates the total amount of power radiated, it will not change if you change the antenna. TX-power and Total TX-power indicate values for one chain and for all enabled chains.This article will show a very quick overview for beginners on setting up a Wireless Access Point in RouterOS Winbox graphical configuration tool.

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Start by opening the Wireless Interface window in Winbox. You will see some wireless cards listed here, they might be disabled - to turn them on, click on the blue Enable button. Make sure that the interface is configured and the antennas are connected before you enable an interface.

To configure an interface, double-click it's nameand the config window will appear. To set the device as an AP, choose " ap bridge " mode. Close the wireless setting window with OK if you are done, and move to the Security Profiles tab of the Wireless interface window. There, make a new profile with the Add button and set desired WPA2 settings. You can choose this new security profile back in the Interface configuration. Just connecting is probaly not enough, as your AP needs an IP address.

This can be configured in the IP menu. Make sure that your stations also have IP addresses from the same subnet, or set up a DHCP server in this Router not covered in this tutorial. If your ISP doesn't know about your new local network and hasn't set up proper routes to it, you need to configure SRC-NAT so that your stations have access to the internet via their private IP addresses.

They will be masqueraded by the router's NAT functionality not covered in this tutorial. Jump to: navigationsearch. Categories : Manual Basic Interface Examples. Navigation menu Personal tools Log in.

Router without Default Configuration

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This page was last edited on 15 Marchat More information about current default configuration can be found in the Quick Guide document that came with your device. The quick guide document will include information about which ports should be used to connect for the first time and how to plug in your devices. This document describes how to set up the device from the ground up, so we will ask you to clear away all defaults. When connecting first time to the router with the default username admin and no passwordyou will be asked to reset or keep default configuration even if default config is only IP address.

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Since this article assumes that there is no configuration on the router you should remove it by pressing "r" on the keyboard when prompted or click on "Remove configuration" button in WinBox.

If there is no default configuration on the router you have several options, but here we will use one method that suits our needs. See detailed example in Winbox article. Since MAC connection is not very stable first thing we need to do is to set up router so that IP connectivity is available:.


Next step is to set up DHCP server. We will run setup command for easy and fast configuration:. Notice that most of the configuration options are automatically determined and you just simply need to hit enter key. Now connected PC should be able to get dynamic IP address. Close the Winbox and reconnect to the router using IP address Next step is to get internet access to the router.

There can be several types of internet connections, but most common ones are:. Dynamic address configuration is the simplest one. You just need to set up DHCP client on public interface. After adding the client you should see assigned address and status should be bound.

Typically service provider ISP gives you a username and password for connection. Further in configuration WAN interface is now pppoe-out interface not ether1.

In case of failure refer to troubleshooting section. Now anyone over the world can access our router so it is best time to protect it from intruders and basic attacks.

MikroTik routers require password configuration, we suggest using a password generator tool to create secure and non-repeating passwords. With secure password we mean:. We strongly suggest using a second method or Winbox interface to apply a new password for your router, just to keep it safe from other unauthorized access. Make sure you remember the password!Wireless features compatibility table for different wireless protocols.

Wireless can operate in several modes: client stationaccess point, wireless bridge etc. Client will connect to AP only if it supports all basic rates announced by the AP. Allowed values depend on selected band, and are restricted by country setting and wireless card capabilities. This setting has no effect if interface is in any of station modes, or in wds-slave mode, or if DFS is active.

Station modes :. Since RouterOS v6. If this value isstation will initially use MAC address of the wireless interface. Access to registration-table also triggers update of these values.

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Frame protection helps to fight "hidden node" problem. There are several types of protection:. Protection mode is controlled by hw-protection-mode setting of wireless interface.

Frame size threshold at which protection should be used is controlled by hw-protection-threshold setting of wireless interface. For example, to enable "CTS-to-self" based frame protection on AP for all frames, not depending on size, use command:. See the Nv2 documentation: NV2. TDMA is a channel access method for shared medium networks. It allows several users to share the same frequency channel by dividing the signal into different time slots.

The users transmit in rapid succession, one after the other, each using his own time slot. This allows multiple stations to share the same transmission medium e. Starting from RouterOS v5. Please take a look at the NV2 protocol implementation status.

Nv2 protocol limit is clients.

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Warning: Nv2 doesn't have support for Virtual AP.This problem is only seen on Mac devices based on Broadcom wireless chipsets. In order to connect with such wireless device to MikroTik Use 'long' or 'both' preamble-mode and Mac wireless devices will be able to connect.

mikrotik antenna configuration

Sometimes when you change some wireless setting for tuning the links you got so far that the link isn't establishing any more or works unstable and you don't remember what settings you had in the beginning. In this case, you can use the reset-configuration command in the wireless menu - it will reset the all the wireless settings for the specific wireless interface and you will be able to configure the interface from the start.

Note that executing this command also disables the interface, so please be careful not to execute this command if you are configuring router remotely using that wireless link that you want to reset the configuration.

Wireless retransmission is when the card sends out a frame and you don't receive back the acknowledgment ACKyou send out the frame once more till you get back the acknowledgment. Wireless retransmits can increase the latency and also lower the throughput of the wireless link. To check if the wireless connection has wireless retransmissions you need to compare two fields in the wireless registration table: frames and hw-frames.

If the hw-frames value is bigger than frames value then it means that the wireless link is making retransmissions. If the difference is not so big, it can be ignored, but if the hw-frames count it two, three or four times or even bigger than the frames count then you need to troubleshoot this wireless connection.

The frames counts only those which contain actual data.

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In the case of Nstreme, only the ACK can be transmitted in a single frame, if there is no other data to send. These ACK frames will not be added to the frames count, but they will appear at hw-frames. If there is traffic on both directions at maximum speed eg.

The tx-power default setting is the maximum tx-power that the card can use and is taken from the cards eeprom. If you want to use larger tx-power values, you are able to set them, but do it at your own riskas it will probably damage your card eventually! Usually, one should use this parameter only to reduce the tx-power. In general, tx-power controlling properties should be left at the default settings.

Changing the default setting may help with some cards in some situations, but without testing, the most common result is the degradation of range and throughput. Some of the problems that may occur are:.This article will show a very quick overview for beginners on setting up a Point to Point link in Router OS Winbox graphical configuration tool. Requirements Make sure that the interface is configured and the antennas are connected before you enable an interface.

Mikrotik RBSXT 5Ndr2 - lite5 link yapılandırmasi Sesli Anlatım

To configure an interface, double-click on WLAN, and the config window will appear. You can also set other things, like the desired band, frequency, SSID and the security profile. Close the wireless setting window with OK if you are done, and move to the Security Profiles tab of the Wireless interface window.

There, make a new profile with the Add button and set desired WPA2 settings. You can choose this new security profile back in the Interface configuration. Then open station end device through winbox and set modefrequency ,SSID and security profile. Then see Registration Table for signal check. Jump to: navigationsearch. Requirements :- 1. Dipankar Biswas Email: dipankarxyz gmail.

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mikrotik antenna configuration

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The initial setup is also very simple — download the iOS or Android MikroTik app, it will connect to the router and guide you through a quick setup process. It depends on the amount of obstacles, Wi-Fi clients and interference, so results may vary.

mikrotik antenna configuration

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