Vr settings for il2 sturmovik

Log in or Sign up. I've never used, or even seen one before, and need buying advice for headset with best pic quality, resolution etc. Price not really a concern, as long as it really is the "best" model available today.

All advice taken seriously fellow members. I would like to buy one today. Thanks all ESlikApr 22, After some extensive google searches, it seems the Oculus Rift is the headset to get. I think I'll hold off for a while. Prices gotta get better before I make the move. I already have TrackIR and that will have do for now. Any wmr windows mixed reality headset will do the trick, they are all usually way cheaper than vive and Rift, have a higher screen resolution than the vive and Rift, have inside out tracking so no need for external sensors, have a lower min specs pc requirement, are natively supported on W10, so just plug and play, and steamvr support for wmr headsets is very good indeed, and the newset version of the WMR headsets are ones like the Oddessy plus which is a second gen wmr with better screen res and screen door effect and integrated headphones XPApr 25, I just ordered the Oculus Rift S.

I have NO idea how to set it up, what drivers I might need etc. Any and all hints or other related gaming set up advice with the Rift S is much appreciated. I don't have any racing games, but I do have a wheel and pedals etc. I need help with pretty much "everything" related to gaming and tweaks etc.

ESlikJun 8, XP likes this. I will report back once I find out what I'm reporting. Know what I mean? I'll have to wait for more info from the Guru Rift and other VR owners have to say. XPJun 8, Thanks for the tips guys. Keep em coming. Does the Rift work out of the box?

Best VR Headset for IL 2 Sturmovik BOS etc.

Are drivers, Rift profiles etc.Designed by then Russian developer Maddox Games and published today by Russian computer game company 1Cthe software was universally hailed for its gorgeous graphics and intense realism. I thought it a bit pricey and paid little attention, but then it went on sale, so I decided to pick the game up. Well, whoa! Let me say that again, whoa! Things have changed big time and oddly enough it seems to be because of a flying beagle and his quest to down Manfred von Richthofen.

When ROF was released it shook up the sim world due to its use of a new advanced game engine called Digital Nature. The Russians took note and eventually decided drop support for their latest IL-2 iteration, White Cliffs of Doverproposing a partnership with Studios. Nevertheless, its clear that 1C found their own CLOD game engine inferior to Digital Nature and this drove the linking of the two firms. Specifically 1C noted:. The Digital Nature engine is an advanced game engine that has been developed over several years and powers ROF with great results.

Besides being relatively bug free and well-functioning, it has advanced physics, realistic flight-modeling, progressive damage modeling, complex ballistics, detailed environmental modeling, detailed terrain modeling and superb graphics rendering.

Above all else it is more modular and flexible than the CLOD engine. It can even support different types of player vehicles from main battle tanks to giant robots. Using the Digital Nature engine will provide users with a well-functioning product at launch that can be brought to market fairly quickly. It can still be further enhanced in the future as needed.

There are also a couple of playable tanks yes, tanks thrown in the game for good measure, for free, but more on that latter. The game can be played against the AI or against other players in multiplayer mode. The entire map over which BOS runs is the actual period map of the Stalingrad front fromkm by km yuge, digitized into game format. Players can fly individual missions, either drawn from a menu specific to BOS and including such niceties such as how to take off or land in a crosswind or quick missions whereby the player selects one of several designated areas on the map and then jumps right in the fight already in the air.

There is also a campaign mode for the entire destruction of the 6 th Army debacle and when linked to the Internet, the ability to choose a specific historical German or Soviet squadron and run through the campaign as a career.

As an example, one of these is titled Fortress on the Volga and places the player into the cockpit of the BF G2 as part of the German I.

This is a scripted campaign and includes 15 missions, taking about six hours to play, or a lot more if you keep getting killed like me. Do better if you can. My rig has an AMD Quad 3. The latter is really a dual controller, one being a separate stick, the other a separate throttle and honestly, the foot peddle controller setup would not be overkill. The game does use force feedback, and trust me, you can feel it every time you pump a shell down range or when you take a slug in the wings.

If you go this route, just be mentally prepared because it is very immersive to the point of tipping over or running into objects. Also beware of eye fatigue and cybersickness.

Instead play the game on an HD or UHD gaming monitor like I have, and you will continuously crash your plane because of being mesmerized, open mouthed by the visuals in front of you. Clouds, weather effects and devastated urban areas are especially well done. Actually, the mini guy in me found the new graphics really hit you in the face as soon as you start the game and make it through the startup process, which is a bit long.

In other words, just like ROF gee, imagine that. But it also gives you the option of various aircraft color schemes — with paint chips yet - based on actual squadrons, official seasonal paint patterns and even individual pilots.

The Soviets in particular seemed to like snazzy paint jobs, such as with Lt Alexi Reshekov of the rd IAP,with his sloganized Yak-1 sporting a white spinner prop.New to the forums?

WWII Flight Sim IL-2 Sturmovik Gets VR Support

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vr settings for il2 sturmovik

October edited October I bought it from them directly, so the Steam sale is no use to me - though all I want now is Kuban - which I can fly on in multiplayer anyway, and the Spitfire, when it comes out.

I really disliked this sim before - not just the registering and activation PITA, but the FM okay GM really - it was the ground handling I hated was awful imho - until that last patch. Since then I've been having a ball with it - even managed to blast a theother day online, in my PE.

And I'm awful at dogfighting! I will by Kuban - it's a great map, but what I realy want is the aircraft that will come with it - the P and the A especially will be awesome It is expensive at normal price, though, with the pound sterling in the doldrums.

Techy Posts: 6, Volunteer Moderator. October I have the spitfire mate, bloody awesome looking out at those wings in vr.

IL-2 Great Battles: Camera Views Explained

A PC with lots of gadgets inside and a thing to see in 3D that you put on your head. OK well i picked this up, the deluxe edition The VR implementation in game is OK. Without the hud on it runs better however it is pretty damn hardcore then - its hard enough with the hud on, but without its nails very immersive however.

There is no going back for me now so i really hope the guys work on vr some more and maybe consider supporting the rift natively. Fiat Coupe, gone. Thank goodness for VR. There was a good post in their vr forums i seem to remember i followed for setups. Look, man. I only need to know one thing: where they are. BeastyBaiter Posts: Yeah it drifts when in cockpit while the game is paused. No clue why but it doesn't actually hurt anything since the instant you unpause it, it corrects itself.

The performance in VR does leave something to be desired. It's probably a CPU bottleneck though. Flight sims, by virtue of the required draw distances, tend to have a lot of objects to render. The general consensus is in order to see a reasonably consistent 90 fps at the high detail preset, you need a CPU running 4. Basically, there isn't a CPU on the face of the planet fast enough out of the box. Even the shiny new ik must be overclocked.

Hopefully they get that sorted out soon. It is on their to do list. I run it on balanced just fine with a 4.New to the forums? Click here to read the "How To" Guide. Click here to go to the Developer Forums.

HornyyyHorn Posts: March in General. Upcoming VR support, yay!!! Techy Posts: 6, Volunteer Moderator. March Excited and they say within weeks, fingers crossed. A PC with lots of gadgets inside and a thing to see in 3D that you put on your head. Greyman Posts: 1, Ah, i thought that i had that on Steam, from ages ago, but it would appear that it is IL2:Cliffs of Dover and it looks like that one will not be updated for VR.

Oh well, i might need to buy the version that is then. Yep latest word is development is still on schedule for release this month.

I have it installed and have not played it in a while fly DCS mainlybut I am ready and raring to go with it when that VR update comes out. I have already pre-ordered Kuban as well. March edited March Greyman said:. Really great news! So I will put my touch away for a while.

vr settings for il2 sturmovik

Good news. I am not sure why but for some reason i dont get on with war thunder in vr. I will definitely keep eye on this. Fiat Coupe, gone. Thank goodness for VR.

KillCard Posts: 1, Just to clarify, VR is not actually IN yet?

Graphics card for hp proliant server

Yes mate. ShoeHash Posts: This is what I bought the rift for.What's new New posts Latest activity. Log in Register. Search titles only. Word Count:. Search Advanced search…. New posts. Search forums. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Some graphics settings questions for new VR guy.

Old Duck. I went ahead and ordered a Rift S on sale, so now I have some questions. I doubt I'll be able to keep my ultra settings for VR, so what settings can I scale back without greatly diminishing the visual quality? Worded another way, which settings are GPU intensive but don't really add that much to the overall visual experience? FWIW, I really don't want to go back to flickering disco elephant butt leather shadows! My other question is a simple noob question - does vsync in VR act the same way as it does on a monitor?

I hate screen tearing, and I often find on my setup that vsync-on gives a nice stable visual fluidity. My monitor doesn't support Freesync, however. Does VR? Does the Rift's "lost frames compensator" whatever that is called smooth out tearing, or do I just want to turn vsync on and target 80 fps? Speaking of low framerate, there are times when I might want to crank the settings back up to ultra and just turn my head real slowly to take in the high fidelity view.

Does anyone else do this? Alec Turner. It makes tinkering with graphics settings far easier and lets you have different "profiles" collections of settings, even key bindings for different purposes e. As for the other stuff, I used to write about this a lot but now my VR tinkering has stopped all I can really do is point you to a couple of old posts and hope they're still reasonably valid: Best Graphics settings guide?

Just curious I keep seeing all this talk of HMD quality settings and supersampling.I'm new to steam VR, but I had success getting rid of the chaperone by selecting large room in the room setup. This is the first VR flight sim I have used and it will be the bar that I measure all else against. Great job! Since I jumped right in, I made the mistake of not wearing the headset when entering the game and that causes lots of issues with menus and game play. Since I had put my HMD on an adjacent table which was a two feet lower then my normal HMD position, my head ended up sticking out of the cockpit when I tried a quick session.

When I went to bank I felt like I was falling. A "Recenter HMD display key binding" was mentioned but for the life of me I cannot find it on any input menu? Once disconcerting thing though is that if i move forward and back or side to side the plane move with me in order to keep me centered in the cockpit I guess?

I find that movement very unnatural and contributes to vertigo. The problem is that the mouse cursor won't reach all parts of the screen if one chooses a small resolution. The smallest that still worked for me was x I had the same issue, but it seems to be only a problem for the initial loggin step, i.

Yes, it works for me too now. Not sure if it's a fix, or if I changed something in my config. Without that, the mouse leaves the "flat window" and that causes all sorts of problems with the pointer in the game. I'm using the Rift with a gtx ti, with default High settings, but I suspect that ASW is engaged most of the time.

There seems to be some weird graphical shimmering going on around the area that's covered by the propeller, especially the reticle sight tends to render in a strange way there's some ghosting going on that reminds me of ASW artifacts.

With all that said, the game is really really amazing in VR. I'm recommending it to all my friends. Backspace turns on your FPS counter but it shows in the upper right corner only if you turn your head it wont turn with you.

I'm not sure,I just used the knob on the Vive to adjust it a little.

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I don't know how the Rift adjust IPD. I've also just got this for VR, along with a friend. I second a lot of these points, especially the turret aiming. I don't really sit at my desk so using the mouse is a no go, menus etc with hat switch would be great. Similar to Elite dangerous, I have the Vive at 2x and the in-game stuff left at 1 or 0.

One thing I can't work with, the turret gun sights seem to be set up for your right eye Is toggling this to the left possible?? I have never played any flight sims online, but with this game I am starting to do that. It can be very immersive. I have ASW on but Interleaved reprojection turned off. I have my SS at 1. Identification of planes is difficult but I am finding that the more time I am spending ingame the better I am getting even with the resolution limitations.

Can't wait to upgrade and bump up to 1.

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I think with more VR hours people will increase their ability to effectively use the zoom and be able to ID. Zoom is a bit visually uncomfortable unless you don't move your head. Changed the cpu fan and problem is fixed.Sign in to add this item to your wishlist, follow it, or mark it as not interested.

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Community Hub. All Reviews:. Popular user-defined tags for this product:. Sign in or Open in Steam. Publisher: 1C Game Studios. Franchise: IL-2 Sturmovik.

Some graphics settings questions for new VR guy

Share Embed. Add to Cart. In planes made largely of canvas and wood, dogfight to the death against cunning enemies and see if you have what it takes to become an ACE! Experience what is was like to be an early aviation pioneer and test the tactics and machines that would forever change warfare by bringing it to the skies for the first time.

Discover the bravery and courage it took to do battle where each mission could be your last. Are you the next Guynemer, Ball, Bishop or von Richtofen? Flying Circus includes ten legendary WWI combat aircraft that you can fly alone or with friends in single-player or multiplayer scenarios.

Compared to more powerful WWII planes or jet aircraft; these early flying machines can make tight turns with ease. Aim for the engine, radiator, wing supports or the enemy pilot himself to bring him down.

This takes a whole other level of skill which also brings a whole new level of fun and immersion. Steam requires you own Battle of Stalingrad before you can add Flying Circus. Included Content and Features 10, sq.

Va, Fokker Dr. Pfalz D.

vr settings for il2 sturmovik

Also includes the Fokker D.